About The Game

Are you ready to pursue an epic quest of saving a kingdom from a foreign oppressor? In Gustav Vasa Adventures in the Dales, you control the young nobleman Gustav Eriksson Vasa. Follow him as he is being trusted into a political drama he was not yet prepared for. Given little to no choice Gustav sets out on a journey north. Travelling to the isolated Swedish county known as the Dales. There he attempts to rally the Dalesmen behind him as an army. His goal is to take back the throne from the Danish occupants.


-Escape the Danish mercenaries through intense chase sequences on skis. Exploring a beautiful yet stylized Swedish winter landscape.

-Talk with the people of the Dalish villages and towns, convincing them to join your cause. Hold a speech in Falun and rally your future people behind you.

-Finally, take your rightful throne and become the king you always were meant to be.

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The game is out!


Gustav Vasa Adventure in the Dales is out on Steam. it is available for purchase at:https://store.steampowered.com/app/1619150/Gustav_Vasa_Adventure_in_the_Dales/

The Steam page is live!


Now the steam page for Gustav Vasa Adventure in the Dales is live. We plan to reslease at the 1 of June and it will be available at:https://store.steampowered.com/app/1619150/Gustav_Vasa_Adventure_in_the_Dales/
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Hello World


Welcome to the website or Gustav Vasa Adventures in the Dales. We are a small dedicated group of indie developers working together to release our first game.

About Us

Ingeborg Asplund

Programming,Game Design, Level design,2D Animation and UI


Stanislav Hallberg

Programming, Ai, Game Design, UI, Bug fixing, Gameplay Physics and Webbdesign


Getrud Bondesson

2D Grafiichs, 3DEnvironment Graphics and Texturing

Joakim Bengtson

Character Modelling, Animations, Lighting and Music

Natali Hallberg

Skybox, UI Grapics and Trailer edit


Contact Information